McKissick Kasun Architects provides a wide variety of services for industrial projects, including design for new construction and renovation of existing structures. On example of the versatility and flexibitilty of McKissick Kasun's work is that of the Capital View Commerce Center.

Capital View Commerce Center

This 185,000 square foot space was designed to be a combination of offices, retail space, and a light industrial plant. One of the more challenging aspects of the project was the need for special foundation systems to accommodate printing plant loads, as well as the need to elevate the first floor ten feet above the existing grade as the entire site is located in the Paxton Creek flood plain. The upper floors were to consist of leased office space, while the lower portion was designed to house a light industrial commercial printing plant. Areas of the parking lot and truck loading docks were designed adjacent to bio-filtration gardens that will filter pollution from the run-off rainwater before it reaches Paxton Creek.

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